Krakow – A Tonic for the Soul

Yesterday was unexpectedly hard. Experiencing, as if from within my very soul, the pain of war, betrayal, devastation that was the Warsaw Uprising, especially as this rushed hard on the heels of the concentration camp songs and the strange mishmash that is Poland’s Soviet legacy.

Kraków was better. The stunning St. Mary’s Basilica, in Kraków, is a riot of joy and a precisely architected celebration of the fusion of life and faith.

St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków
St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków

Krakow coffee shop

Nice coffee shops with grand pianos festoon the main streets, adorned with lots of old ladies, and younger folk like me😂😂😂! Kraków seems to be a pilgrimage of people from all over the world, my age and older… Not many young people.


My delicious, ‘monastic’ lunch reminded me of home … bunny chows in Durban! it was great.

This is a day for a contemplation of context.

The beautiful melancholy of Chopin’s funeral march.

Poland was under Russian rule at the time.

It resonates with me, because the Portuguese also have a sadness that is rooted in emigration and oppressive governments.


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