My Philosophy

When Richard Dawkins wrote about the Selfish Gene in 1976, his thinking resonated with the belief pervading that era, that might is right. His thinking was part of a greater movement to pursue personal advantage at an individual, corporate, and national level. What this thinking neglected to appreciate was that the Universe that we live in is part of a system, and that everything that exists in this Universe, exists as a result of its interrelatedness.

Victor Frankl commented that an inmate in a concentration camp had a greater likelihood of surviving if he was predisposed to sharing what little he had.

As human beings, we have a natural predisposition to relate. We also have a natural predisposition to compete. When competition is focused externally, it creates a system of winners and losers. When competition is turned inwards, in other words when we focus on achieving a personal “best”, then we create a system of collaboration, where the system is optimised through personal effort.

Everybody wins when we compete inwards to be the very best that we can be. Sharing this common pursuit of personal excellence, therefore, we share and collaborate with each other. We support one another. Personal excellence that works within a system creates abundance for all.

Work should never be viewed as an obligation but rather as a privilege to personal mastery and a love of life.